Pharmaceutical Due Diligence

Helping you make high-quality decisions led by detailed and accurate assesment of the available scientific data.

Boyds' unparalleled expertise and vast experience in drug development positions us as the go-to experts for technical, regulatory and commercial due diligence.

Whether you are looking to acquire or in-license products, development programmes, or biotech companies; or to out-license products or drug development programmes, high quality decision-making needs to be led by a detailed and accurate assessment of the available scientific data.

The highly experienced team at Boyds is dedicated to supporting the development of medicines across a wide range of product types and therapeutic areas. We use our vast knowledge and expertise to carry out a detailed analysis of the product development and regulatory requirements to ensure a detailed due diligence process.

Boyds is experienced in reviewing pre-clinical, CMC, regulatory and clinical data, presenting reports to clients, and assessing the risks and benefits of the programmes under consideration. We scrutinise the relevant data and technical feasibility for the product and report the findings to highlight areas of concern and additional work that will be required to obtain licensure and commercialization.

Our balanced scientific approach, in-depth knowledge of the EU and US regulatory environment and years of experience at all stages of product development will ensure there are no surprises when the deal is done.

Decision-making needs accurate information. We delve deep into the available data to create a bespoke report based on the requirements of the asset in question and use the following principles to identify any red flags:

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